Treasure Island Flea Market

East Bay

by Jill

In the past, Treasure Island has been thought of only as that strange military wasteland squatting in the Bay between San Francisco and Oakland. While this may be somewhat accurate, Treasure Island does have some things on offer including (somewhat more) affordable housing and sweeping views of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. And now, the last weekend of every month, the Treasure Island Flea Market. This market has a little of everything from vintage wares to artisan crafts to a row of San Francisco's legendary food trucks. To exemplify the diversity of the offerings, here is a rundown of my score from my most recent visit: vintage decanters ($30), locally made honey garlic onion mustard ($8), upcycled picture frames ($30), adorable new sock monkey ($25). The Treasure Island Flea Market is a great place to find gems while visiting an often overlooked Bay Area location.


Stop Highlights:

  • The Market offers a variety of changing DIY workshops. Examples include make your own luxury scented sachets and origami scrapbooking. Prices are very reasonable - you're usually just paying for materials.
  • Musical entertainment is provided for your enjoyment. Look for Paris Musique, a mesmerizing act involving a vintage French instrument, the Orgue de Barbarie.

Know Before You Go: Admission cost is $3 pp. Also, this market is definitely off the beaten path. But it's accessible via MUNI (see "Getting There") and there is ample FREE parking! Can't beat that.