The Castro Theater

Bayview/Hunter's Point

by Jill

The Castro Theater is San Francisco's self-proclaimed Historic Movie Palace. Dating back to 1922, the Theater boasts a gorgeous interior with seating (including balconies) for 1400 moviegoers, an art deco chandelier, gilded elaborate decor and, of course, an organ. The Theater has an eclectic calendar - no first run movies but some recent releases, film festivals, classics, and creatively paired double features. Rounding out the fun are lots of special events which often supplement movies with live entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Famed SF entertainer, Peaches Christ, hosts her outrageous events here (think screening of Showgirls with free "dude girls" lap dances with popcorn purchase) but more family-oriented events also abound. I just saw Jim Henson's Labyrinth complete with a puppeteer live Q&A and a costume contest.
Phone: (415) 621-6120

Stop Highlights

  • Arrive early to hear the organ before many shows.
  • Singalongs! Mary Poppins! Grease! Enough said.
  • The Castro Theater has a full bar. Again, enough said.

Know Before You Go: Shows can get busy so if you're picky about your seats, get there early and buy tickets in advance to avoid lines.