The Armory Club


by Jill

With its bygone era saloon meets speakeasy decor and artisanal cocktails, this new Mission spot is a perfect place to kindle or rekindle a romance. But the real reason this bar is for lovers is in the naughty that lies beneath the nice. The Armory Club is the creation of, the adult fetish internet mogul that has its home in the actual old armory across the street from the bar. Although you won't find the props and sets for which kink is famous, you'll feel kink's presence in the bordello-esque lustiness of this glamourous nightspot.
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Stop Highlights

  • The Wake Up Call (bourbon, ginger beer and chocolate bitters) is a remarkably tasty concoction.
  • I personally appreciate the fact that, unlike many drafty SF bars, the Armory Club is kept nice and toasty. Not only does this add to its warm ambiance, it permits you to shed your SF layers and finally show off your slinky dress.

Know Before You Go: The popularity of this new spot means waiting at the bar for a drink longer than you may like or queuing outside when they've reached capacity.