Coffee and sweets to keep you on your feet

Line Notes

Jolt jolt, buzz buzz, whee whee!

nthony's Cookies

You will smell Anthony's Cookies before you see it, a smell that evokes idealized childhood after school memories of home baked oven warm cookies. Anthony's Cookies makes the real deal: nothing prepackaged and crumbly here, j...


olden Gate Bakery

If the line out the door to this tiny bakery tells you anything, it's that something special can be found inside. And that special something is Golden Gate Bakery's dan tat, a pastry consisting of a flaky sweet tart crust an...


raffeo Coffee Roasting Company

Graffeo's is a North Beach fixture that has kept roasting delicious coffee in the family since 1935, making it "one of North America's oldest artisan coffee roasters" (self-proclaimed). Graffeo's makes a strong, dark roast w...


ontraband Coffee

Contraband is an appropriate name for this under the radar hipster coffee shop that someone smuggled into this not-so-hipster neighborhood. Rivaling its Mission and SoMa counterparts, Contraband serves their own delicious co...


our Barrel

Say what you will about hipsters, if there is one thing they do know well it's good coffee. And judging by the number of mustaches and ironic t-shirts milling about at Four Barrel, the coffee here is guaranteed to be excepti...


ynamo Donuts

Think you know donuts? You'll think again when you visit Dynamo. These aren't the cakey overly sweet powdered donuts from your childhood bakery, these are donuts with flair. From their famous bacon maple apple donut to the de...



Before hipster coffee infiltrated every corner of San Francisco, there was Philz. And this classic pioneer of the "one cup at a time" method of brewing endures even in the face of trendier newcomers. Each cup of coffee is mad...


r. and Mrs. Miscellaneous

"I really love cream it's in my bloodstream!" declares Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous on their Facebook page. With that kind of enthusiasm, you know its gotta be good. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous gets creative with their rich and...


OX Truffles

It's easy to taste why these are award-winning truffles. XOX makes authentic melt-in-your mouth goodness with just enough sweetness and touches of flavor to complement the rich dark chocolate truffle. Sample their large var...


ooker's Sweet Treats

This inconspicuous little place serves up a mean (in the good way) sweet treat as the name implies. Hooker's is one of those great finds in an unexpected locale that, once you're initiated, you'll want to return to again and...


ission Pie

First things first for this review - Mission Pie is an eatery devoted almost entirely to ... (insert drum roll comment here) pie. How could you really go wrong? Answer: you can't. Mission Pie's menu changes seasonally but f...