by Jill

Before hipster coffee infiltrated every corner of San Francisco, there was Philz. And this classic pioneer of the "one cup at a time" method of brewing endures even in the face of trendier newcomers. Each cup of coffee is made individually to ensure customers are getting exactly what they want, exactly how they want it. In the mood for an "Ambrosia Coffee of God blend" with sugar and cream, Philz will put it together for you before your eyes. Want a highly caffeinated "Greater Alarm" blend (crafted in honor of the SFFD) with splenda and soy milk, they can do it. Overwhelmed by their extensive menu? One of the exceptionally friendly folks at Philz will help you decide.
3101 24th Street map

3101 24th Street (original location) at 24th Street and Folsom Street. Multiple other locations in the Castro, Noe Valley, Civic Center and Mission Bay. Check their website for details

Public transport (original location only): 48 Quintara to Folsom Street and 24th Street, 12 Folsom to Folsom Street and 24th Street.


Stop Highlights

  • Try their special (nonalcoholic) Iced Mint Mojito. Yes, this is a coffee drink with cream and mint.
  • Know before you go: Philz does not do espresso drinks. But they will make you something similar and just as tasty.