Musee Mecanique

Fisherman's Wharf

by Jill

Musee Mecanique is an arcade but not in the video craze dance dance revolution sense. This amazing fun palace features classic arcade attractions, even older than your beloved Pinball and Miss Pacman (though you can find these here as well). Musee Mecanique boasts antique carnival style wonders such as Susie the Can Can Dancer, love meters, lever operated wooden baseball games and the strange but classic Laffing Sal (you'll know it when you hear it). Sadly, Musee Mecanique had to relocate from its foggy beach-side location near the Cliff House a number of years back but the mystique has not been lost. Amazing for all ages - a glimpse of the past as seen through things fun and bizarre. Don't miss it.

Stop Highlights

  • Free to enter and games are inexpensive.
  • Challenge a friend to a vintage boxing match complete with little wooden men in little wooden gloves.

Know Before You Go: Depending on your personal views, some of the attractions push the limits of age appropriateness - examples: the glimpse into the opium den or the weird beheading attraction.