Eco-friendly fun for friendly people

Line Notes

Despite the fact that "San Francisco" is synonymous with "green" (think mandatory composting and a vast expanse of grass known as Golden Gate Park), not all green is created equal. This line features some of the greener favorites, both in the literal and figurative sense. Who says an urban adventure can't also be eco-tourism?

lora Grubb Gardens

Flora Grubb is not your typical garden center. Instead, this horticulture-lovers' delight is as much greenery art gallery as it is practical landscaping store. Specializing in gorgeous vertical gardens made up of wall-climb...


ainbow Grocery

Rainbow Grocery is a behemoth of a health and specialty foods vegetarian grocery co-op that is sure to "wow" you even if you are a red meat loving, tofu hater. Rainbow carries all the standard healthy veggie fare as well as ...


ernal Hill

Walking up Bernal Hill is must-do urban hike. Here you get to escape from the city while still in the middle of the city, the best of both worlds. Bernal Hill offers lovely views, a chance for some uphill exercise and an exp...


ort Funston

SF locals know the bliss of rounding up one's favorite bowwow and heading to Fort Funston for a doggie jaunt. If you are not a dog owner or left Fido at home, never fear, there are plenty at Fort Funston to go around. Fort ...


cademy of Sciences

The Academy of Sciences is a small slice of heaven for anybody even remotely interested in natural beauty and phenomena. Even if you eschew all things green and scientific but have to admit that butterflies are indeed pretty...


otel Drisco

Do you like a little luxury with your green? Do you perk up when you hear both "eco-friendly" and "high thread count"? The Hotel Drisco might just be your environmentally conscious dream come true. In its grand Pacific Heigh...


oc's Clock

This Mission Street dive bar may seem like an unlikely addition to the "green" line but it is actually officially recognized by the city of San Francisco as a Green Business in compliance with high environmental standards. N...


ay Natives

Bay Natives nursery is run by renowned naturalists Geoffrey Coffey and Paul Furman. After existing online for several years, they have opened up a retail location near [http://metrometropolis.com/San_Francisco/Heron's_Head_P...