Imperial Spa


by Jill

Imperial Spa is a fantastic experience but it's not for the weak of heart, the overly modest, or the spa seeker looking for some luxurious relaxation. Imperial is a Korean spa at its finest, meaning there is a lot of soaking, scrubbing, brushing and kneading at a great value but in a not-so-private environment. Imperial offers gender-segregated immaculate facilities which include a hot and cold jacuzzi, steam room and red clay sauna. Combine these with a treatment in their communal massage/scrub area where you will be pounded in a hurts-so-good kind of way, doused with water, rubbed with oils, yogurt and milk and, most of all, scrubbed until all your old skin is just a rough and scaly memory.
Phone: 415-771-1114

Stop Highlights

  • I recommend the Purification Body Scrub & Oil Massage (80 minutes for $90) which includes "a variety of scrubbing technique," a rub-down with essential oils blended with cucumber, yogurt and milk and a shampoo/conditioning/head massage. This treatment is women-only but there is a similar offering for men: Body Scrub & Acupressure (80 min for $120)
  • Go on off-peak hours (workweek day-time) for a quieter experience.

Know Before You Go: Korean scrubs and massage can be very vigorous. If you are sensitive, reconsider a visit here. I loved my experience at Imperial Day Spa but my best friend and spa partner could be heard crying out "too much! too much!" from the neighboring treatment table.