Lore and intrigue on the Barbary Coast.

ission Dolores

Mission Dolores is a two-for-one deal when it comes to this line. The Mission, which is the namesake of its neighborhood, is the city's oldest intact building dating back to 1776. The Mission is still part of an active Catho...


olden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

When you peek into the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, you'll see why this is a favorite stop for tourists and locals alike. Size-wise, more of a workroom than a factory, but you'll still get to witness the fortune cooki...


ilson & Wilson

If you want a night of pretending you're an old-timey private detective, Maltese Falcon-style, while you indulge in carefully-crafted cocktails, Wilson & Wilson is the right place. The Wilson Detective Agency (i.e. the bar) ...


sian Art Museum

"Art" museum is a bit of a understated misnomer for this San Francisco great. Although the Asian Art Museum is a place to see ... yes, Asian art, lessons in culture and history are pleasantly inevitable. The permanent colle...


he Castro Theater

The Castro Theater is San Francisco's self-proclaimed Historic Movie Palace. Dating back to 1922, the Theater boasts a gorgeous interior with seating (including balconies) for 1400 moviegoers, an art deco chandelier, gilded e...


bscura Society

You never know where you may go next with Atlas Obscura/the Obscura Society, a multi-city exploration group that delights the curious with rare glimpses into urban places and hidden city treasures. Examples of past events in...


usee Mecanique

Musee Mecanique is an arcade but not in the video craze dance dance revolution sense. This amazing fun palace features classic arcade attractions, even older than your beloved Pinball and Miss Pacman (though you can find the...