Heron's Head Park

Bayview/Hunter's Point

by meester_mustachio

Across the way from the isolated Bayview/Hunter's point and next to crumbling wharfs and cement factories is Heron's Head park, a strange spit of landfill jutting out into the bay. Grasses grow in abundance, and shore birds of all types can be seen, as well as the occasional seal.

There is a small interpretive center that demonstrates green building designs, but it is rarely open. Stroll out to the end of the jetty on a nice day, and you can see the whole bay. There will be tankers at anchor out in the center, and possibly a giant cruise ship or military freighter in the dry dock to the north. http://www.lejyouth.org/ecocenter/eco.html
Phone: 415-282-6840
heron's head park map

This is an area of SF not well served by muni. However, if you can get your hands on a bike, the ride out to heron's head from more civilized parts of town is a fascinating trip through an industrial San Francisco that is mostly gone today.