For all you runners, juicers, yogis and vegans

Line Notes

If you can't conceive of a day without a vigorous workout or ninety minutes of poses, don't want to put anything in your body that's not leafy and green, and preach to anyone within earshot about something vaguely known as "cleansing", this is the line for you (actually, you really shouldn't be on the metro - get off and walk in the pure fresh air). Or, if you're just a normal person who likes to occasionally exercise, eat right and feel good, you too should follow this line to your particular bliss.

orazon Juicebar

At Corazon Juicebar you'll find a great selection of yummy fresh (largely organic) juices and smoothies in prefab blends like Hidden Strength (raspberry, spinach, apple, orange and carrot), and make your own combos. But what...



There are many things you can do in 55 minutes: watch approximately half of a romantic comedy, bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, youtube 55 one minute cute cat videos. But none of these things are as invigorating or goo...


abuki Springs and Spa

At this classic Japantown hotspot, you can peacefully soak away your cares in a wonderfully warming communal bath and then take a refreshing cold plunge for that extra bit of oomph toinvigorate your body. Saunas and a steam ...


ernal Hill

Walking up Bernal Hill is must-do urban hike. Here you get to escape from the city while still in the middle of the city, the best of both worlds. Bernal Hill offers lovely views, a chance for some uphill exercise and an exp...


ilbert Street Steps

If you are looking for an activity that affords you beautiful scenery, will tone your buns and calves, is quintessential San Francisco then a trip up the Filbert Street Steps is an ideal choice. The Steps will take you up th...