Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory


by Jill

When you peek into the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, you'll see why this is a favorite stop for tourists and locals alike. Size-wise, more of a workroom than a factory, but you'll still get to witness the fortune cookie making process right before your eyes in a place where cookies have been made for Chinatown restaurants and beyond since 1962. You'll also be enthusiastically encouraged to sample one of the flat baked unshaped fortune cookie-dough discs, and you should - it is a cookie factory, after all. Stop here and you don't need a hidden fortune to tell you that your day will be delicious.

Stop Highlights

  • Inexpensive bags of fortune cookies, both in the traditional and chocolate variety, available for sale at the factory along with other treats.

Know Before You Go: The factory is small and gets crowded so you may have to wait to enter. If you want to take photos, there is a 50 cents charge which Factory staff take very seriously.