Gorgeous places for fabulous people.

Line Notes

You don't have to be a princess or a Hollywood starlet or a combination of the two (hello, Grace Kelly) to want a little glamour in your life. So we've created this line for you, glamourpuss, for a first class tour of the most glamourous places in town places in town. Some are sassy, some are classy, some are new, and some are tried and true but one thing is for certain: there is something for every pin-up girl, dapper gent, bombshell and classic beauty to enjoy. Ready? Hop aboard! It's going to be a glamourous ride.

he Fairmont Hotel

Some things are timelessly elegant like red lipstick, vintage Chanel and your grandmother's pearls. The same could be said for the Fairmont Hotel. This jewel of Nob Hill delivers on its promise of an "awe-inspiring picture ...


weet Tart Boudoir

If you’ve got it, bombshell, show it off! And what better way to memorialize your glowing glamour than through a boudoir photo shoot - boas and tassels optional. Visit Sweet Tart Boudoir where Karina and Kelley will make y...


ollhouse Betty

Frillies and corsets and panties, oh my! There is no question that underneath it all every good pin-up girl (or guy) needs some delightful unmentionables. For all your lovely little silks, stockings, garters, and lace, try B...


he Redwood Room

What better place to tie on a nightcap (or two) than a classic venue that describes itself as being "suffused with all-out glamour"? However immodest this self-assessment may be, it is true that the Redwood Room at the Clift...


alace Hotel

What's a more glamorous daytime activity than high tea at a fancy hotel? Nothing, you say? Exactly. That's why you must run, not walk, in those pretty little heels to the Garden Court at the Palace Hotel for their weekly Sat...


e Colonial

Round the corner onto Cosmo Place in old world Nob Hill and you'll find yourself in front of an grand colonial mansion housing the aptly named restaurant Le Colonial. Le Colonial is a glamourous throwback to another era wher...



Gitane is glamour, romance, good food and great cocktails all in one tried and true package. The decor is lavishly lovely - an intriguing self-described mix of 30s cabaret and 70s disco. The cuisine is Andalusian-inspired. ...