Four Barrel


by Jill

Say what you will about hipsters, if there is one thing they do know well it's good coffee. And judging by the number of mustaches and ironic t-shirts milling about at Four Barrel, the coffee here is guaranteed to be exceptional. Offering traditional espresso drinks, pour over coffee, and a view of their open roastery, Four Barrel is the ultimate place to grab a cup of whatever tickles your caffeine fancy. Enjoy it outside at their sidewalk bar or drink it under the watchful eyes of the taxidermied boars that grace the walls to round out their faux hunting lodge decor.
375 Valencia Street map

375 Valencia Street between 14th Street and 15th Street.

Public Transport: BART to 16th and Mission


Stop Highlights

  • Four Barrel hosts occasional coffee tastings. Call for more information.
  • The cafe also offers a variety of sweets, many of them locally made, to accompany your black gold. Try a Dynamo donut or Anthony's cookie if you missed the previous stop.
  • Know before you go: No wifi or laptop plugs so don't expect to camp out for the day and Skype with your friends.