Fort Funston

Ocean Beach

by Jill

SF locals know the bliss of rounding up one's favorite bowwow and heading to Fort Funston for a doggie jaunt. If you are not a dog owner or left Fido at home, never fear, there are plenty at Fort Funston to go around. Fort Funston, besides being one of the few places in the city where dogs can legally roam unleashed, is a lovely beachside park with high sandy bluffs that are perfect for a hour or two of exploring and hiking. The ever-blowing wind also makes it a fantastic place for hang-gliding both as a participatory and spectator sport.

Stop Highlights

  • Fort Funston is also a popular place for horseback riders. For day trail rides in the area, check out Mar Vista Stable @
  • Additional park amenities include ample parking, restrooms and doggie drinking waters

Know Before You Go: The hike down to the beach is quite steep and may not be appropriate for all adventurers.