Line Notes

San Francisco has no shortage of two things: fantastic food and people who like to talk/rave/complain about the fantastic food. Faced with a deluge of opinions about baked goods, farm to table meals, Korean burritos, creme brulee carts, and prix fixe feasts with wine parings, it can be hard to know where to go and who to trust. You won't get complete clarity but you will get good old fashioned recommendations about what one humble eater thinks is delectable.

oMa StrEat Food Park

For those of you who want to sample a plethora of offerings from of-the-moment food trucks without the hassle of scouring twitter to find locations and amenities such as protection from the elements and bathrooms, SoMa StrEat...


oody Goodie cream & sugar Dessert Salon & Cafe

Goody Goodie: In a city in which most restaurants don’t start serving brunch until 10 or 11 am, the early riser will need a delicious morning snack to tide her over until the real eating begins. Luckily pre-brunch options ...


ar Agricole

Every good glamourpuss knows the importance of fortifying herself early in the day - it takes a lot of energy to be supremely fabulous. Bar Agricole’s brunch will make you feel better about leaving your boudoir to venture ...


raftsmen and Wolves

The Mission is a hotspot of come and go trends: mustaches, feathers and ironic t-shirts easily come to mind. Food is no exception in this culinary mecca: vegetarian everything, bacon everything, farm to table - you get the p...



A tried and true favorite in the heart of the Mission with an ever-changing seasonal menu, Range is perfectly balanced: the ambiance is intimate without being cramped, the food creative without being over-the-top. It's unque...



Gitane is glamour, romance, good food and great cocktails all in one tried and true package. The decor is lavishly lovely - an intriguing self-described mix of 30s cabaret and 70s disco. The cuisine is Andalusian-inspired. ...