Filbert Street Steps

North Beach

by Jill

If you are looking for an activity that affords you beautiful scenery, will tone your buns and calves, is quintessential San Francisco then a trip up the Filbert Street Steps is an ideal choice. The Steps will take you up the eastern side of Telegraph Hill through a veritable jungle of gardens funded by the residents of the houses that line the route. The steps go up a fairly steep grade (hence the need for steps) but you'll be rewarded with the lushness of the flowers and greenery, great views, and access to Coit Tower if you so desire. And if you keep an eye out, you may even catch a glimpse of one of San Francisco's famed wild parrots.


Stop Highlights:

  • Free!
  • If you've still got some "walk" in you, head over to North Beach for a coffee or sweet reward. I recommend XOX Truffles (on the Sugar and Grinds line).

Know Before You Go: The steps can get kind of crowded. So if you're looking to run them, expect some clever maneuvering around your fellow climbers.