DNA Lounge


by Jill

Dance dance dance at this much loved SoMa venue that is home to many of SF's most famous/notorious parties. Depending on the night, shave your legs and don your wig for Trannyshack, mash it up at Bootie SF or break out your black eyeliner and brooding ways for Death Guild. Certain nights also feature performances for the non-dancing wallflowers in our midst. Catch some tasselicious burlesque at the Hubba Hubba Review, discover new talent at Battle of the Bands, or share in the embarrassment of childhood diaries at Mortified readings. The world of DNA is your tush-shakin', music-lovin', show-watchin' oyster.

Phone: 415-626-1409
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Stop Highlights

  • If all that dancing has made you hungry, pop next door to DNA Pizza, the club's 24 hour restaurant. They also have coffee if you need to wake (or sober) up and a full bar if you want to sober down. Delivery available as well - http://www.dnapizza.com/
  • VIP bottle service is available.

Know Before You Go: It's usually quicker to get a drink at the bar upstairs. The same goes for the upstairs bathroom...