by Jill

There are many things you can do in 55 minutes: watch approximately half of a romantic comedy, bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, youtube 55 one minute cute cat videos. But none of these things are as invigorating or good for your body as taking a Burn class. Burn combines pilates springboards and techniques with free weights and good old fashioned cardio moves like jumpingjacks to make you lean and strong. With the enthusiastic instructors and pop music soundtrack, 55 minutes seems to fly by. Now isn't that better than watching "cuddling kittens fall in love while eating cookies" for the umpteenth time?

Stop Highlights

  • Burn has three locations in the Mission, Russian Hill and the Sunset for your exercising convenience.
  • The Burn instructors provide great modifications if you're injured, pregnant, or simply too lazy to do squat hops.

Know Before You Go: Burn classes can fill up fast - reserve your spot in advance.