Bernal Hill

Bernal Heights

by Jill

Walking up Bernal Hill is must-do urban hike. Here you get to escape from the city while still in the middle of the city, the best of both worlds. Bernal Hill offers lovely views, a chance for some uphill exercise and an expanse of grassland in the midst of asphalt. And while I can't promise that you will see one of the famed coyotes, you'll get your fill of its domesticated cousin. In other words, there are lots of dogs.


Stop Highlights

  • The well trodden path makes this a good place for hill jogs, if you like that sort of thing.
  • Check out the Bernal chert, a lustrous sedimentary rock made from microscopic sea organisms.

Know Before You Go: Bernal Hill is more of an active park than a relax-and-have-a-picnic park. There are not many flat places to sit.