Amoeba Music


by Jill

In a world in which getting the new Jay-Z or Tegan and Sara or (fill in the blank) album means one click on your couch, brick and mortar Amoeba Music soldiers on. Whether you visit for their collection of vinyl or because you know that it's just not right to buy Color Me Badd on anything but cassette, you won't be disappointed. With their cavernous space, vast selection and long history of being one of the coolest places in the Haight (and on Telegraph in Berkeley), Amoeba has achieved status beyond that of your-normal-record-store, making it well worth a visit.
Phone: 415.831.1200
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Stop Highlights

  • Check out their star-studded impressive line-up of live FREE shows (Personal Experience Example: Sonic Youth).
  • Amoeba also has a good selection of concert posters so you can deck your walls.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Because they are free and impressive, live shows can get really crowded. Go early for big names.