Alemany Flea Market

Bernal Heights

by Jill

The Alemany Flea Market is the Sunday sister to the farmers market by the same name and at the same location. At some mysterious hour between Saturday and Sunday, the zucchini disappear and the vintage glassware and costume jewelry arrive. The Alemany Flea Market is the real deal, not a crafts market masquerading as "flea" though there are some handmade goods in the mix. Expect both trash and treasures - mostly antiques or, at the very least, old-ish. My favorite find is a mid-century bakelite barometer. It long ago lost its ability to gauge the air pressure but it looks pretty on my windowsill.

Stop Highlights

  • Good prices from many vendors. Bargaining is possible.
  • Hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. As with all flea markets, get there early for the good stuff.

Know Before You Go: You may have to hunt for gem amidst the "collectibles" that supposedly someone collects but there is truly something for everyone in the end.