Alemany Farmers Market

Bernal Heights

by Jill

Alemany Farmers Market is a "real" down-to-earth farmers market minus a lot of the frills and frou frou you'll find at some of the other farmers markets in the city (not that there is anything wrong with frills and frou frou). The market, which originated in 1947 and apparently is aka "the peoples' market", consists of rows of permanent stalls packed with fruits, veggies, eggs, flowers and other wholesome goodness. You can also find meats, plants, and some pre-made foods but don't expect the gourmet extravaganza of the Ferry Building. What you can expect is plenty of vendors (rain or shine), amazing seasonal produce and good prices. I don't have a favorite farm vendor - sometimes I follow the crowd to a particular stall, but when I have less time and patience, I pick a seemingly less frequented vendor. It has all been good.

Stop Highlights

  • Look for the adorable honey guy, tucked away in a middle stall. He's so enthusiastic about honey, he will urge to to try all of his varieties, even if you've already declared your purchase choice.
  • There is a new night market taking over the Alemany grounds sponsored by local organization, La Concina. More to come after launch...

Know Before You Go: The location is a bit out of the way and parking can be tight but usually available with a little persistence.