Academy of Sciences

Golden Gate Park

by Jill

The Academy of Sciences is a small slice of heaven for anybody even remotely interested in natural beauty and phenomena. Even if you eschew all things green and scientific but have to admit that butterflies are indeed pretty, a visit to the Academy can still delight. Awaiting you are a classic science museum with plenty of physics conundrums and taxidermy in dioramas, an incredible aquarium complete with resident albino alligator and Morrison Planetarium, the largest all-digital dome in the world. You could easily spend two full days at the Academy of Sciences but, with a more limited schedule, don't miss the four story living rainforest, in a domed biosphere maintained at 82-85 degrees and teeming with lizards, snakes, frogs, birds and free-flying (you guessed it) butterflies.
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  • Come for the weekly Nightlife (Thursday evenings, $12, 21+), a night out at the Academy, each with a different theme and featuring cocktails, Djs, and other entertainment. Exhibits and Planetarium open as well. This is a great deal considering regular admission price is $29.95. For those high rollers, Nightlife VIP tickets also available.
  • Need a special event for non-alcoholic milk drinking set? Check the calendar for Penguins in Pajamas, family friendly Academy sleepovers.

Know Before You Go: Planetarium has limited seating and tickets (included in admission price) are free and first come, first served. So get 'em early.